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Hello again traveler! We meet again! How was your latest adventure? Seen any dragons about? I heard there were sightings near here at the north. Anyways you want to know how I am? Well I’m still here serving ales to the likes of you. Talking about dragons I want to share with you a game that is close to my heart. I’ve been playing this game since 2006 and just stopped for a vacation in 2010.

“Sleep is for the weak”                                                       

This is what you usually hear or read about this game, where sleep can actually get your character killed or ambushed. A game where time is of the essence, a missed second can cost your life or the lives that you invade. Do not fret my friend, do not think that this is way over your head, if you ally yourself with the strong then you don’t have to worry, but with a weaker one, you’re on your own. By the way, Alliances at War is a web based strategy game, and its environment is taken from the Lord of the Rings, such as its races (Nazgul, Dragons, Uruk hai) and units (WolfRiders, Ogres, Longbowmen). You pick your race and lead your people to greatness or cause them defeat and eventually death.

This is all about alliances (it is not called Alliances at War for nothing) where you ally your tribe with 11 more tribes to form 1 alliance. And your alliance will grow together by invading other tribes from other alliances, but it means you made an aggressive move so be ready to be retalled by them. Or you can grow peacefully by exploring nearby lands and feed your alliance with your resources but it is no fun I think, I prefer killing aye?

This game will demand your immediate attention, guile and strategic mind. Or else you will lose not just the battle but the war itself. WARS between alliances are common so have to pick to strong alliance to stay with. But don’t get me wrong traveler, its players are friendly and always ready to help the “newbies” about the game and its mechanics. I myself got my tribes killed many times before I can actually play the game and kill other tribes too.

“Orkfia is also one of the few games you will ever play where you can choose to influence the future of the game and get involved at staffing level if that is what you want. Compared to the mammoth commercial games available it may be a speck of dust, but I think for at least a few hundred people of many different countries this game means more to them than any of the multi-million dollar games and that’s quite an achievement whichever way you look at it.“ (Jamzi/Orkfia Portal, 2008).

Remember traveler, this game is addicting, so as my ale right? Like what my friend Jamzi said above. Many have tried getting out but they returned after a few weeks like me. So are you ready to kill some tribes?

If you want the latest news about AAtW, then click here -> Orkfia Portal


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