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What do you want traveler? I’m deadbeat with all mead delivery and inventory. Sorry if I’m kind of crappy at hospitality, it is just that the start of my week has been hell. Tavern brawl and fixing broken windows can’t be ignored with this kind of tavern, MY TAVERN. Anyways what do you need? Mead or ale? No milk here…

I know, I know, I’m supposed to start making my review of the “Hunger Games”. I will give it to you this week not to worry, just not today. Lots of costumers are showing up this week, those dwarves over there, I have never seen then for months then they arrived early this morning. See those elves? They seldom visit my tavern since treecutters frequent my place, but now there they are drinking ale! I really do not know what is happening in Fearun but I have a hunch…

Remember when I said days back that dragons were seen in the north? I have another witness that could testify to that, though he is not here, went to the woods it seems. I think something big will happen before this is over, but hey! Who am I to bother you with this nonsense, another round? Here ya go! Don’t drink too much eh? You start another brawl; I’ll punch your lights out. now I have costumers to attend to, make yourself at home.


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Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

I will be making a review post on Hunger Games next week, since a friend asked me to. Watch for it

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