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Good day traveler! What do you want to drink? Water? I don’t serve water here only meads and ale. Anyways you came here to talk? I got some news for ya! Here it is.

For so many games to choose from Facebook, there is one game that took my attention the second I saw its title, “Heroes of Neverwinter”. This is not just some flimsy game like so many on Facebook, this game brings you closest to the home of role-playing. With almost the same game rules (turn based) and crits applied on the actual game “Neverwinter Nights” you will definitely enjoy this game.

When I tried it out, I immediately enjoyed choosing my race, gender, class and appearance since they visually show you how you look, and the equipments and items vary from different classes like maces, swords and shields. Wizards of the Coast Company really took their time in making this game.

Checking out the town, there are about 4 buildings to go and wander. The Weapons Shop where you can procure and sell your equipments, did I say that each items look different to each other when you equip them? Then there is the Trade house where you can buy potions and other magical artifacts to aid you in your journey. And you can’t miss the famous inn Beached Leviathan of Neverwinter, where all the heroes gather and exchange tales of bravery.

And because it is in Facebook, you can ask for the help of your friends that plays it as well, you can pick their heroes and form a party maximum of four and together journey and fight your way to the top. They don’t have to be online to be able to join your party, since you will take control of their characters while fighting a monster, and when they are indeed online they can also help you with buffs and healing parties.

I can talk about this game all day but sadly time is not mine to waste any more traveler. So off with you, I still have to serve other travelers their drinks. While you go and check this game I’m talking about.



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